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What should I know about paper straws?

If youʼre older than 35, you may have a school-day memory of drinking mid-morning milk through a utilitarian white paper straw. Somewhere in the 80s, those paper straws gave way to plastic as the world embraced everything modern.

Todayʼs moms, party planners, and brides-to-be are revisiting that simpler time with one of the hottest trends to hit the country since hula hoops ... colorful paper straws with a retro vibe and an environmental edge.

Most of our Hey Yo Yo straws come from American manufacturer Aardvark. We also feature straws made in China. (We have to give the Chinese props for rolling out new designs and colors with amazing speed.) American and Chinese manufacturers alike have perfected their straws to be strong, durable in drinks, food safe, and biodegradable/compostable. With one or two exceptions, all of our straws have a generous 1/4 inch diameter. (The birch and bamboo straws are slightly narrower in diameter.)

Your web site is giving me error messages -- or seems to be adding unexpected charges -- or seems glitchy?

Please email us if you notice anything odd! It is hard for us to trouble shoot if we aren't aware of problems, and unexpected glitches do crop up from time to time. We want to make your shopping experience a great one so we appreciate a heads-up when things aren't working.

What is your policy on returns and refunds?

We want you to be happy with your items — so don't hesitate to check with us 'up front' if you have questions about any of our products. We're here to help you get a great color match as well as confer about performance, durability, sizing, coordinating products, etc.

For sanitation and health reasons, we do not accept returns on edibles, straws, wooden utensils, cupcake liners and other products that are food related including those that could be used to bake or serve food.

If you are disappointed with your non food-related items, please email us ASAP requesting authorization for a return or exchange. If you return your purchase without contacting us for authorization, it will be at your own expense and no refund will be given.

Your authorized return must be received by us within 7 days of the date the order was delivered to you. Returns must be 100% intact and in original condition and original packaging. When we determine your return to be in original, unused condition, we will issue a refund for the merchandise cost. Shipping costs (for the original order and return) are not refunded except in cases of error by Hey Yo Yo.

Please see our customer service page for additional policies and information.

Do you still sell the great items that you had in your Etsy store?

Yes! We are still adding products to our new site. Sad to say, this will always be a work in progress. If you don't see an item that you remember, email me and I will move it to the top of my "to-do" list. AND ... if you need something special for a party or event, send me an email. I may have something wonderful in my treasure trove just waiting for your request!

Do you get new items in very often?

We love new products as much as you and are constantly looking for more. We also have tons of great new and vintage items in stock just waiting to be photographed and listed. So check back often and/or send me an email if you're looking for something special.

How long do your edible items last?

Our edible sugar decorations and sprinkles will last indefinitely as long as they are kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. They should not be refrigerated. By the way, a 4 oz. purchase of sprinkles goes a long way. It's very possible you will have leftovers for a future baking project!

We indulge our creative side when we pack our adorable sugar decorations and take exteme precautions to avoid breakage. Just ONE customer out of hundreds has ever reported a broken sugar decoration, but we want to caution that it is always an outside possibility. This is a risk that comes with shipping a fragile product. We do not ordinarily provide replacements so you may wish to order a few extras just to be sure.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. If you wish to use a credit card, just check the credit card button as you begin the checkout process.

You also will see the option to use Paypal!

Do you sell wholesale or offer discounts on bulk purchases?

We do offer bulk boxes of 600 (approximate) straws for a bargain price (single color boxes only - no mixes). Please see straw listings for price points.

If you are interested in purchasing other products wholesale please contact us with "wholesale" as the subject. We will save your email and contact you in the future if purchasing wholesale becomes an option.

Where do you get your awesome items?

We spend hours (no kidding) searching for great products that catch our fancy and have that Hey Yo Yo vibe. Everything we offer is something we would love to own ourselves. It is our policy not to share our product sources.